TJ Cornelius            Artist


I was born (April 3, 1989) and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. I attended Lincoln East High School and graduated in 2007. It was during my high school career that I truly found my passion for art, studying advanced college art classes and earning credits in the fine arts.

It was around this time I was inspired by some of the greatest tattoo artists known, Nikko Hurtado, Scott Campbell and Paul Booth. As I continued to watch and study their work, I was motivated to be one of the greats. In early 2014, I began my apprenticeship under mentor Cody Schneider, here at Scarlet Raven Tattoo. My role models and mentors continue to motivate me to perform every tattoo to the highest level and to push myself to take on new challenges and continue to add to my skill base.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and three young children. I also like to paint and experiment with creating found object art. I am always interested in taking on new art projects, no matter the subject. Give me a call to set up a consultation and begin the process of creating that perfect piece of art for you.


check out more on my instagram: seeing_through_a_needle